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Craving for Prata?

If you are at Joo Chiat Road and crave Prata, there are 2 options to choose
from. The first is the famous Mr & Mrs Mohgan Super Crispy Prata which
only opens in the morning. The other one is Al Falah Barajah Restaurant,
located in the middle of Joo Chiat Road, which is open 24 hours on most days.

Prata is a food you can enjoy in the morning or late in the evening. Since we are craving it during dinnertime, Al Falah Barakah
Restaurant is our destination.

Joo Chiat Prata

Located along the junction of Joo Chiat Road and Duku Road, this is an
old-school laid-back, chill spot. The decor is nothing fanciful, and the
dining tables are on the sidewalks next to the street.  This spot is
about 300m from the popular Joo Chiat Peranakan houses, so if you are in the
vicinity sightseeing, you might want to drop in here.

Al Fresco – Singapore Style

This is the typical Kopitiam Al fresco style. It may not be everyone’s cup of
tea, but it suits us perfectly.

If you are ordering just Prata, it is just fine. If you want something
different, like Mee Goreng, Roti John, Nasi Biryani or Thosai, we suggest your
check out the menu.

Mutton Prata ($8)

At $8, this is the smallest Mutton Prata. It is quite large and sufficient to
feed one or even two pax.  The Prata is filled with mutton, onions and
egg. It is cooked to a light burn and is not super crispy. However, in terms
of taste and texture, we think this is one of the better Murtabak we have

While the prata is good, the curry tends to be a tad too watery. If they could
improve on that texture, it would be perfect.

 Chocolate Tissue ($4)

If you like your crispy prata, you might opt for tissue prata instead.
Tissue prata is a thinner and crisper version of the traditional prata and
comes as a cone. To spice things up, you can add a flavour to it.

Coin Prata ($8.5)

If you prefer your prata thick and fluffy, go for the coin prata. These are
miniature versions of prata that are cooked thicker than usual. We paid $8.50
for 6. While it may sound pricey, it comes with Curry sauce and a whole
drumstick. You can also opt for mutton curry if you prefer the latter.

Roti John Chicken ($6.50)

The Roti John was a big portion of an omelette sandwich. The one we ordered
came with chicken. You can opt for mutation, tuna or even sardine. For light
eaters, two can easily share one Roti John.

Mee Goreng ($7)

The Mee Goreng was a delightful dish. This comfort food consists of starchy
spice noodles, fried eggs and a generous chicken portion with cucumbers on the
side. The whole dish came together quite nicely. While it may not be our daily
meal, it is a treat and a good alternative to prata.


The food was good for us. We cannot vouch for the rest as we stick to the
safer and more familiar options. As for service, it really depends on who is
the one attending. Having eaten that before, we kind of understood how they
work. For newbies, service can be a hit-or-miss affair. Overall, we are not
fussy, so it’s all good. 

As for the price, it was around $12 per pax, including drinks. GST would be
payable for this place. While it is affordable, the downside is that we must
go for a jog the next morning!

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