Foundational Excellence: Podar Prep Preschool’s Commitment to Holistic Early Education in Mumbai


Podar Prep Preschool in Mumbai stands distinguished as a preferred choice for parents searching for exceptional nursery or preschool options nearby. A child’s foundational years profoundly shape their character, moral compass, and cognitive capabilities. 

Empowered by a curriculum influenced by NEP 2020 and enriched by EYFS (UK) and EYLF (Australia), Podar Prep- the top preschool in India,  extends a globally-renowned early education experience for children aged 2 to 6. This covers cognitive, physical, social, and emotional progression. Fortified by a child-centric ambiance, adept educators, and contemporary amenities, the school guarantees a secure and nurturing environment that propels children’s educational endeavours.

For admissions at Podar Prep Preschool in Mumbai, the enrollment procedure is seamless. The preschool’s website offers direct access to the play school admission form. The enrollment pathway is clear and user-friendly, with a dedicated team available for any assistance.

Podar Prep Preschool gives utmost priority to children’s security. Meticulous measures, including CCTV coverage and dedicated security personnel, ensure their safety. The institution also champions a pristine and conducive environment for both learning and play.

The school’s teaching methodology is child-centric, which means that they focus on each child’s individual needs and abilities. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced in working with young children, and they are committed to creating a positive learning environment that encourages children to explore and discover new things.

Podar Prep Preschool’s Montessori methodology is rooted in the belief that children excel when given the liberty to explore. This strategy encourages self-reliance, discipline, and self-assurance. The curriculum is built to match each child’s learning preference, enhancing understanding and retention.

As you embark on selecting the best preschool, it’s vital to realise that the early education centre lays the groundwork for a promising future. Podar Prep Preschool in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities. deeply appreciates the gravity of these initial years.

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