Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy


Round ligament pain is a an aching sensation that can come on one or both sides of the abdomen during any time of your pregnancy. It can be sharp, crampy, sometimes it can feel like a period but it never lasts a long time in one sitting. It’s common during pregnancy, and you’re likely to first notice it as your uterus grows and your body starts to make room for baby. 



What is round ligament pain?

As your uterus grows during pregnancy, the round ligaments on each side of your pelvis stretch to accommodate and support your growing baby. When this happens the ligaments feel pulled which can be felt on your end as well as it can ache and sometimes spasm. You may notice it when you cough, sneeze, roll over in bed, SLIGHTLY move and it can be startling at first. 

You may feel the pain deep down into your groin and it can feel crampy and it can move up toward your hip bones. Usually it is quick but sometimes it can linger throughout the day as your body is putting in a lot of work to stretch and move around as the uterus moves and as the organs move as well.



When should I worry or call my healthcare provider? 

Never at any point during your pregnancy should you feel embarrassed to call your provider. I like to tell pregnant people that NO question is a bad question and ALL concerns should be taken seriously. Sometimes pain and aches can be quick but if you notice something just isn’t feeling right or starts to really hurt and you develop other symptoms such as nausea or headaches please call your provider. Call at ANY point things just don’t seem right now matter silly your concern feels! This is YOUR pregnancy and YOUR baby/babies never feel that you are putting anyone out by calling.



How can I relieve round ligament pain?

Rest. It is okay to take a few minutes to lay down and rest or even just sitting down to rest can help.

Warm bath is always nice and helpful for body aches and pains.

Wear a maternity support band/belt! You can find them at most stores and amazon I had one like this and it REALLY helped support my abdomen and pelvis! PREGNANCY SUPPORT BELT

Change positions if you feel uncomfortable! Switch sides when sleeping or add a pillow between your legs when asleep. 



Remember to always pay attention to your body and to trust your instincts and to reach out to your provider NO matter the time of day or night and NO MATTER how silly your concern FEELS. 

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